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Cilio Filter 1x4 Gold - Reuasable
Heavenly Coffees

Cilio Filter 1x4 Gold - Reuasable

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Never again paper coffee filter! With the permanent filter of cilio the annoying and dispose purchse deleted. Also passé are the anger about to thin coffee by folded-over paper filter or the nasty surprise when in the morning the pack of the filter bags is empty. The permanent filter is specially hardened and 24 carat gold plated. The precious metal can through the delicate aroma oils - for the ultimate coffee experience. The permanent filter fits for size 4 and is also suitable for coffee machines. It is easy to clean under running water.
  • Size 4
  • Color: gold
  • Material: 24 carat gold plated
  • Height: 9 cm | 3,54"
  • Ø 12,5 cm

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